The Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC) established in 1980 is a state-run, regional polytechnic institute of higher education in Portugal, whose aims are a qualified human, cultural, scientific, technical and professional training, to carry out necessary research to accomplish its mission and to cooperate with the regional community of Alto-Minho, particularly with its productive and entrepreneurial sectors. The IPVC is made up of six Schools offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, very often in collaboration with national and international polytechnics and universities.

IPVC in the project BeyondScale:

    • Facilitates national and European stakeholder contacts;
    • Participates in accompanying research activities, in order to contribute to the regional/national assessment of the methodologies and outputs of the design strategy;
    • Participates in the identification and preparation of relevant user stories and the definition of project guidelines.