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BeyondScale webinar - "Eating Insects to get my Degree" - Social Innovation and Sustainability at DCU

The BeyondScale team at DCU – Dublin City University hosted an interactive webinar to showcase socially innovative sustainability initiatives. Guest speakers were Dr. Dervila Cooke and Dr. Susan Pike presenting the SeasonsPace Food Growing Initiative, a project undertaken by DCU and Newcastle University in collaboration with a social enterprise in Dublin and community organisations in Paris. Dr. Darren Clarke and Leonie Goodwin (CCHANGE team Oslo) presented the impact of a 30-day challenge for his first year students to contribute positively to the climate crisis. 

BeyondScale webinar - Peer Learning, Networks and Communities of Practice for Educators and Researchers

As part of the BeyondScale webinar series, Helen McGuirk from MTU’s Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence hosted this session on the value of peer learning, communities of practice and networks for educators and researchers.

The intention of the event was to share ideas on how educators and researchers in entrepreneurship and innovation can learn from each other and the role of peer learning.

Insights from Munster Technological University, Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence

In this video, Helen McGuirk (School of Business and Head of Hincks Centre), presents the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence, which was established in 2013 with the mission to support and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout the university. Even though Munster Technological University has a quite robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, Helen reports how the BeyondScale approach enabled them to explore possibilities even further and to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. She emphasizes the value of intangible results that stem from the project, such as sharing novel ideas, processes, and good practices.

Insights from Dublin City University

In this video, Dr. Emer Ni Bhradaigh (professor of entrepreneurship) and Donnchadh Kindlon (research assistant in social innovation and entrepreneurship) present their experience within the BeyondScale project and describe the Buddy System. Through this system, they have been actively cooperating with the University of Innsbruck and the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo. They depict the process of using the HEInnovate dimension “Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration” for their inbound and outbound activities and applying value proposition canvas. Besides, they highlight the benefits of being part of the BeyondScale project, such as active collaboration with project partners internationally and with third parties locally (charity, NGO sector, social enterprises).

Insights from the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”

In this video, Daniel Pavlov, associated professor and Head of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev, describes the process deploying of the HEInnovate tool since 2014, as entrepreneurship is considered very important in the domains of teaching, research and third mission. Besides, he emphasizes the value of collaboration and peer-learning within the BeyondScale project, as most of the universities face similar challenges, and the exchange of experience allows them to be prepared. Daniel reports the lessons learned from the inbound seminar within the BeyondScale project and its dissemination to a wider audience.

Insights from the Universität Innsbruck

In this video, Alexander Knapp and Peter Buchberger from the Transfer Office Science – Economy – Society of University Innsbruck, explain the technology transfer office and its related entrepreneurial activities. Alexander and Peter describe their experiences of using the Buddy System within the BeyondScale project, they have been intensely collaborating with Dublin City University (DCU). Peter elaborates on the benefits of this type of collaboration and peer-learning, as they have a chance to learn from DCU’s experience and engagement with the NGO sector. They report the process of customizing the HEInnovate tool for their inbound and outbound activities, which will lead to suggestions to improve the tool in the future. Peter and Alex summarize the valuable outcome and benefits that emerge within the BeyondScale project, such as cooperation internationally and locally, getting in touch with external stakeholders, and learning from the Buddies to tackle similar challenges.