Based on the experiences of the BeyondScale project partners, a number of recommendations on how the use and usability of the HEInnovate tool can be enhanced were drawn up in the document “BeyondScale: Testbed for improving the use and usefulness of HEInnovate“.

In order to learn about the ways in which this transformation can take place, the users of the HEInnovate tool can get inspiration from the rich database of case studies and user experiences that is made available through the HEInnovate website.

However, the experiences of BeyondScale partners in making use of these HEInnovate resources (i.e. the self-assessment statements, the case studies) suggested that a number of additions and enhancements to the tool can be made, presented in the form of a number of challenges. For each of the challenges a way of addressing it is proposed, based on the experiences made in the BeyondScale project.