This paper on Indicators and Workshops proposes progress indicators and possible applications that the BeyondScale partners can use to measure progress and performance in the second workshop.

The BeyondScale project plan foresees that the partners conduct a second workshop as part of their inbound/outbound activities. The original plan was that the HEInnovate Self‐Assessment Tool would be used a second time in this second workshop. The re‐use of the HEInnovate Self‐Assessment Tool was intended to provide a means of determining the extent to which your HEI’s performance has changed concerning the statements, i.e. to determine the extent to which the ‘entrepreneurial agenda’ has become further embedded in their HEIs.   Because of BeyondScale’s objective to promote the use and usability of HEInnovate, the second use of HEInnovate was to determine whether HEInnovate is also suitable for monitoring and steering projects that serve to strengthen entrepreneurship in HEIs. I.e. the second use and reflection of the tool were intended to systematically record whether the use adds value when implementing the projects.  

The analysis of the experiences made by the partner projects in using the tool in the first workshop shows that the majority see no or only very little added value in using the self‐assessment tool. Many rated the benefit as too low, as they cannot see the contribution of the self‐assessment for the discussion with the stakeholders, the workshop outcome, especially the action plan. Also, costs of use, which arise from adaptation, explanation of the tool, analysis and presentation of the results, are assessed as too high compared to the knowledge and insights gained.   Against this background, the original project plan was changed, and the partners can decide individually whether they want to use HEInnovate again in their second workshop or whether they want to reflect and review the project progress with other tools.