The results of the first project phase were described in eight institutional country notes, with each partner describing two activities, in most cases one inbound and one outbound activity. That means, each partner conducted a practice review of its engaged entrepreneurial higher education institute and by doing so, the partners were asked to map the existing links and the footprint of their organization as well as its chances and challenges.

Country notes are HEI specific and do not reflect national positions. They outline the proposed activities, associated outcomes and objectives; the output of the initial deployment of the HEInnovate tool, including potential barriers, challenges and opportunities identified as well as proposals on how the HEInnovate platform will be experimented with as part of the activity area work programme with a view to expanding its application and use beyond its current format.

FH Campus Wien

University of RUSE “Angel Kanchev”

Munster Technological University (former CIT)

Dublin City University

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo

NOVA IMS – Information Management School

Universität Innsbruck