Seminar to enhance and widen the community of practice

 With great success, the seminar with the Title: “Enhancing/widening the community of practice -testing the Digi Buddy platform by the wider academic community under the BeyondScale project – took place on Friday, the 11th of March 2022 in a virtual format.

Five representatives of Bulgarian universities and seven representatives of Romanian universities actively participated in the seminar. Daniel Pavlov from the University of RUSE welcomed the participants and Brigitte Ecker from WPZ Research provided an overview on the BeyondScale project. Furthermore, Panourgias Papaioannou along with Daniel Pavlov introduced in detail the Digi Buddy platform.

The platform is the new way for Higher Education Institutions to find matching institutional partners and to exchange information & experience. A great addition to the Digi Buddy platform are the “Inspiration Fiches“. They offer a great overview of possible courses of action that you can apply to achieve change in your university. The “Inspiration Fiches” provide basic information but also indicate additional sources where further knowledge can be used. The participants were asked to test the platform, to register, and make sure to share their feedback by submitting the feedback forms.

An open discussion took place, where the active engagement of the participants showed how important collaboration between the Higher Education Institutions is.

Daniel Pavlov summarized the event: “The engagement of the participants was so motivating for us all. It is evident that peer-learning and cooperation is a necessity for all Higher Education Institutions.” While the participants agreed with his remark, a participant from Romania also stated that “Digi Buddy is an outstanding platform but it should be further enhanced with a bigger number of universities offered”.

Before closing the session Daniel Pavlov thanked the participants and assured them that the BeyondScale team will work closely on the further exploitation and dissemination of the Digi Buddy platform.

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